Damndest thing I ever read
- Angie Thompson  |  The Author's Mother

Does the boy eat with that mouth?
- Granny Tinsley

Road gamblers came looking for
him. Shrewd, full grown hard men
looking for the Greekboy. They
knew Dino would stick it in there
with both hands. He had a man’s
bearing and responsibilities
when most of us were still
collecting allowance...

- Bo Bryan | Author of SHAG

"Got myself a fist fulla change, my collar up, my ducktail combed perfect, skinny suede belt buckled on the side, dungaree cuffs rolled up inna tight peg, ID bracelet on my wrist, crucifix round my neck, hawkbill knife in my back pocket. Just finished hammerin four Co-Cola caps into the leather bottoms of my size-3 Apache moc loafers. Headin down to the Pavilion arcade to take a shot at scoring me one of the silver skullrings or maybe a carved coconut head."

-- Excerpt from Chapter 2:
“Beaded Indian Belt Heist”

"My ole man was just my ole man... Never think your ole man as a a for-real person. Never think your ole man’s got feelings, dreams, needs. He’s just the ole guy you live with, tells you what to do, buys you stuff, reels you back in when you veer off on a tangent. He’s a lotta things but he aint’a for-real person. Leastways that’s what I useta think before that day on the fishin pier."

-- Excerpt from Chapter 17:
“My Ole Man Tony”

"Yea...1960 was a scrapbook kinda year. But 1961...now that entire year hardly had a fly on it. Kodak moments trippin all over themselves. Yea... 1961 was jam up and jelly tight."

-- Excerpt from Chapter 9:
“Drive-In Movies and Pool Halls”