Reviews: Notes from Readers:

Dino Thompson's book, GreekBoy, is a love song to the fabled seaside resort of Myrtle beach, South Carolina. It is hilarious, warm-hearted and a complete joy to read.

Pat Conroy, Author

Dear Dino,

Just a note to say how much I am enjoying your book. Being born and bred a Southerner helps me really understand. I can't remember laughing so much reading a book.

Thanks a million. And I hope you sell a million.

Pat Catoe  |  Conway, SC

We loved your book Greekboy- Growing Up Southern. We want to know when the movie will be out.

Lissa Coates  |  Myrtle Beach, SC

Dear Dino,

I just finished reading your book and it really touched me. I'm in tears and couldn't resist the urge to immediately tell you how much I enjoyed it. I think your book is the best thing I've ever read. Thank you for bringing back so many memories...and for sharing your life story. The wonderful memories are something I will always cherish.

Congratulations on your first book. Hope it's not your last.
Keep writing.

Ruthie Kerns  |  Myrtle Beach, SC

Dear Dino,

Heartfelt thanks for all the fun and pleasure I had reading Greek Boy- Growing up Southern.

Much laughter throughout. The lovely chapter on your father brought tears. I finished that chapter with a wish-to-God I'd known your father.

To pick just one more of the great parts, the account of "Dino" and the "Trapman" poolshark was a perfectly shaped gem of suspense. And related in such casual language.

Well told, Dino, well done. I'll reread Greek Boy several times. With praise and gratitude.

Poddy Bryan  |  Myrtle Beach, SC